Cherry Cabinet


      When designing and building the entry cabinet I built some prototype doors and test panels.  Those pieces set in the shop since 2003, gathering dust and waiting for an application.  A test panel to prototype dimensions and design was built from cherry.  This cherry cabinet uses that panel as an inset door.  It will be used in our bathroom as a storage space over the commode.

  The cabinet was planned using VariCAD with a 3D model, rendered to a 2D drawing

3D Model without Door

  • Dimensions are 33 3/4" high by 13 7/16" wide by 6 9/16" deep
  • The cabinet is attached to the wall with an integral French cleat. i.e., the French cleat is recessed into the back of the cabinet such that the cabinet sides contact the wall and the cleat is not visible from the side.  That does mean that the cabinet sides are 11/16" deeper than the usable cabinet depth.
  • The lower shelf (above the drawer) is a sliding dovetail into the carcase
  • The door is attached using knife hinges.  The knife hinges were selected after the carcase was glued up, so the hinge mortises were chopped by hand.  In the future, those mortises will be made after dry-fitting and prior to glueing up the carcase so that some of the mortise can be cut via router.
  • Finish is Watco Danish Oil and wax.  Initial plans to use Moser's Danish Oil with Watco Wipe-on Poly applied after the oil cures were thwarted when it was discovered that the Danish Oil can had not sealed after the last time it was used.  The contents had skinned over and under the skin, the material had developed a heavy, honey-like consistency unsuitable for use.  Alas, Woodworker's Supply has discontinued the Moser's Danish Oil product,  That said, I really liked the finish left by the Watco Danish Oil to the point that the addition of even a wipe-on poly would have put too much on the surface.  The finish left by the Watco Danish Oil was a rich, silky finish at the surface; to have put a surface finish on top would have ruined that feature.
  • The drawer has a stop on the bottom to prevent pulling it out completely.  This stop rotates to allow removing the drawer


Completed Cherry Cabinet


                                                            Integral French Cleat 

Installed and In place

                                                                                                                                                                                       Open View: The brass screws are not holding the cabinet
                                                                     Front View                                                                                                to the wall; they are holding the French Cleat



Progress Log
  Time:  74 Hours to complete.  This included design, drafting, and shop cleanup time after the project was complete. 

Last Update 02/07/11  mkl