End Tables


      A pair of cherry granite-topped end tables.  The following shows the plan and the rendering.  This is the first project I've planned using Varicad (www.varicad.com)  The rendering was accomplished with Blender: (www.blender.org)

    The design will have curved legs and rails, a granite top, and plant-on panels on the sides and back

VariCAD Rendered Design

Blender Rendered images



Carcase Completion

    The carcases have been completed and the drawer guides installed.  The drawer construction is underway.  This has been a laborious process as I have been trying to make the Leigh dovetail jig produce gapless half-blind dovetails.  The plant-on panels are highly figured cherry.  At this point, I gave up on the Leigh Jig and got an Akeda.  I know way more than I ever wanted to about potential contributors to error on the Leigh jig and was not able to simultaneiously overcome all of those sources.  In my opinion, the Akeda has provided superior performance by eliminating a significant number of those possible error sources.

Table #1   The wood on the workbench is the drawer material.  Ash for the secondary wood and cherry fronts. 


Table #2  The drawer guides are more visible in these pictures.  I like the drawers guides on the side, although in this case, the drawers are very narrow, so I've had to install the guides prior to glueing up the carcase.  The drawer slots will be tuned for drawer fit.


Tables without Tops or Handles

Tables prior to installing handles or tops along with the chosen handle



Completed Tables with Tops and Handles
 The Granite is verde uba tuba, a green-hued granite with gold flecks and relatively small patterning. 

Front View

Drawers Open


Interesting Top view -- There is nothing on the top, it's all reflection




Back View  -- Plant-on panels close out the back



Completed and Placed


Progress Log
  Time:  354 Hours.  A significant anount of time was spent trying to get good dovetails before I changed to the Akeda Jig
  For those interested in a chronological use of that time, the following Excel spreadsheet tracks the time required from design through current status:
Time Log

Last Update 10/10/2009  mkl