Entertainment Center

We were looking for an entertainment center to both house the TV and stereo equipment as well as DVD's, CD's and VHS tapes.  I found the plans
in Woodsmith that met our needs, with a few modifications.  The plans were in Woodsmith Volume 25, #149, Woodsmith Magazine:  http://www.woodsmith.com/  V25, #149: http://store.yahoo.com/backissuesstore/wsback149.html    The plans are available from http://plansnow.com/enthome.html   

    I made a few modifications to the plan.  Our entertainment center is made from cherry and cherry plywood.  It is finished with Moser's Danish Oil and Watco wipe-on poly.  The side cabinets have a fluted (Spectrum Cord) glass for the upper doors, vs, the clear glass shown in the plan.  Finally, and most important, all of the bottom cabinets have drawers inside them, three drawers each for a total of 12 drawers.  Those drawers were all dovetailed and made from ash with 1/4" cherry ply bottoms.  This was my first experience making dovetailed drawers.  I have a Leigh jig, but it took quite some time and fiddling to get the joints to come out close to acceptable.  Subsequent investigation revealed that my router bit is not centered in the guide bushing, thus, I was getting offset results, even when not rotating the router.  This will be addressed during a future project.  I made the crown moldings using a Grizzly shaper cutter with removable inserts.

  One other item of note, this is the first project with which I have been successful using handplanes and scrapers for the final finish.  The only sanding I have done is at rail/stile corners and in the molding.

  This has been a huge project, I started in August 2004 and finished in September 2005.  Part of that was due to a very unfortunate event that occurred while moving one of the side cabinets to the house and involved the necessity of getting another pane of Spectrum Corded glass for that side cabinet.

Finished Entertainment Center
   NOTE:  Woodsmith has much better photographers available than I do.  They probably have a little bit better camera equipment and processing as well.  The wall in the background is a light yellowish tint, not blue, so the processor didn't get the image quite right.

Left View                                                                              Right View

TV Open

The following shows a better picture relative to color, but prior to the right cabinet door glass being replaced.


Cabinet drawers


The following are the pictures from the magazine.  As noted above, Woodsmith has good photographers: 
            Front View                                  Open view

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