Ford 9N

    We obtained this tractor in 2001.  The serial number for these tractors is at the rear of the engine block (yep, the tractor is serialized with a removable component).  The boss upon which the serial number is stamped for this tractor has been rusted off such that the serial number is not visible.  From other evidence, this tractor was most likely manufactured between 1940 and 1942.   The tractor us currently being used with a chipper/shredder.

   The primary issue with the Ford 9N is that its 3-point hitch used draft control rather than depth control.  This means that as the tractor attempts to pull a load with an implement attached to the 3-point hitch, if the engine begins to load, the 3-point will be raised by the control system.  Conversely, if the engine load starts to lighten, the 3-point will be lowered.  The point of this is to maintain a nearly constant engine load regardless of what the implement encounters.  This behavior is pretty much useless for almost all practical applications, particularly when attempting to use a blade to create a level surface.  Some fairly clever after-market approaches to give depth control to the 9N have been developed, the most recent being something called the "Zane Thang":  zane_thang   If and when we restore this tractor, most likely we will add this capability to the tractor.

Ford 9N Specifications
Manufactured:    1939 - 1942   Total built:    99,002    Factory:    Dearborn, MI    Cost: (US Dollars)    $585 (1939)

    Drawbar (HP):    12.68
    PTO (HP):          23.87
    Plows:                 2

    Manufacturer:    Ford
    Fuel:    gasoline
    Type:    inline
    Cylinders:    4
    Bore/Stroke (inches):    3.187 x 3.75
    Displacement (ci):    119.7
    Compression:    6.0 : 1
    Rated RPMs:    2000
    Torque (ft-lbs):    84 @ 1500 RPMs
    Firing order:    1-2-4-3
    Oil capacity (qts):    6
    Spark plug gap:    0.025
    Point gap:    0.015

    Type:    Constant Mesh
    Forward:    3
    Reverse:    1
    Fuel (Gal):    10
    Cooling (Qt):    12
Power Take-off (PTO):   
     Rear speed (RPM):    545
    Ag front:    4.00-19
    Ag rear:    8.00-32
    Weight (pounds):      3,375
    Wheelbase (inches):  70"
    Length (inches):       115"
    Width (inches):         64"
    Height (inches):         52"
    Ground clearance (inches):    13" under center, 21" under axles
    Battery volts:    6
    Ground:    positive
Nebraska Test:   
    Test Number:    339
    Test Date:    1940
    Engine:    gasoline
    Belt HP:    23.07
    Drawbar HP:    12.8
    Max pull (pounds):    2,236

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