Kitchen Shelf Unit


      Our kitchen had a trash compactor when we moved into the house.  We never used it, it was ugly and took up space, so we removed it, leaving a gaping hole in the base cabinets.  We didn't want to put in another cabinet with doors and drawers.  Instead, we replaced it with this shelf unit consisting of white oak,  white oak plywood, and  the same laminate used on the countertop project.  The countertop project link shows the gaping hole left by the trash compactor that this project filled.

  The shelf unit was planned using VariCAD with a 3D model, rendered to a 2D drawing

3D Model

2D Drawings 


  • Dimensions were selected to the cabinet hole and shelf spacing was selected to match soft drink case sizes
  • Euro-cabinet self-leveling legs were used, available from Lee Valley Tools: Legs


Completed Kitchen Shelf Unit

Short and sweet, just a couple of pictures showing the resulting unit installed in the kitchen.  Yes, the cabinets are showing their age, they've been in place for 24 years (we assume, since that is the age of the house).  We just haven't decided yet how we want to replace them.



Progress Log
  Time:  34.5Hours to complete.  This included design, drafting, and installation time.  Project dates: June 12 to July 24, 2011

Last Update 01/03/12  mkl