Post Hole Digger Stand


      As the pictures of our place show, we live on a very rocky location.  One cannot put a shovel in the dirt without hitting rocks that can vary in size from pebble size to basketball size or larger.  We want to plant some additional trees and I eventually want to put a shade on the front of the shop that will require the installation of footings.  Having spent significant time and effort digging even a small hole, I decided that a PTO-driven post-hole digger would be an excellent addition to the implements and purchased a Land Pride PD-15 with 12" and 6" augers.  However, these implements are heavy and, as one person put it, like wrestling an octopus to get mounted to the tractor.  Thus this design for a stand to make storage and connection easier.  I spent a great deal of time researching the internet for images and plans for stands that others have built to solve this problem. There are numerous approaches to solve this problem, some using metal, some using wood, some using a tree and rope.  Since we live in the desert we don't have many trees, and because I don't have a welder but do have woodworking equipment, I settled on a design for a wooden stand using pressure-treated 4 x 4 lumber and Simpson Stong-Tie fasteners and connectors.

    As an aside, the post hole digger was used to plant two orange trees in the fall of 2011.  The one planted on the engineering compacted soil in our back yard validated the decision to get this implement.  The hole for the tree planted outside our yard on native soil proved more problematic; we have a great deal of caliche soil and I hit this only a few inches below the surface.  I did find a place that let me plant the tree, but in the future, a jackhammer is going to be added to the tool stable. 

  The stand was planned using VariCAD with a 3D model, rendered to a 2D drawing

3D Model

2D Drawings 


  • Dimensions were selected to match the tractor and the post-hole digger
  • Threaded pipes are provided at the back of the stand to store augers
  • A place to hang the tractor top-link was added as shown in the completed pictures


Completed Post Hole Digger Stand



Post Hole Digger in Stand


  I don't have any pictures with the post hole digger disconnected and resting in the stand; when I get the chance, I'll take some and add them to this page.  The stand works well and makes disconnect and re-connect easy for one person.


Progress Log
  Time:  31Hours to complete.  This included design, drafting, and shop cleanup time after the project was complete.  Project dates: August 28 to September 17, 2011

Last Update 01/02/12  mkl