Shop Pictures

             The shop before we moved in. The area to the left is an empty                  The shop after the 2003 modifications that replaced the garage
                area between the shop and house.  There were a large number                    door with a patio door, windows, and an air conditioner. That's
            of bushes and downed PaloVerde trees -- snake heaven -- in                       a double rainbow behind the shop and storage shed.  We also
                       this area.                                                                                                       cleared the area between the shop and house several years ago when
                                                                                                                                          we put up a fence around our side yard (out of the field of view on
                                                                                                             the left.  Creosote bushes grow back really fast.

    Update October 2007
    During the summer of 2007, we had the house and shop painted.    It made a huge difference in the appearance


Before Modifications
Prior to summer (2003), the shop was open studs and had a single bay garage door.    During summer 2003, in preparation for our kitchen upgrade project, I decided I needed a better sheet good storage capability.  One thing led to another, and I wound up insulating the walls, putting up wallboard, replacing the garage door with a patio door, and air-conditioned the shop.  I still have some trim work to finish and need to finish insulating the center part of the ceiling, but what I have now provides a great deal more serenity when working in the shop.  The white walls add light, and the change in lighting from the patio doors just gives it a completely different feel.  I don't have a lot of old pictures, but here is what I have; you can see the stud walls and garage doors behind the subjects of these pictures.  I also took down a number of the old kitchen cabinets that were in the shop when I moved in.  While they provided storage, it was not efficient storage and used up a significant amount of wall space.

Here are some pictures from before we moved in (those are not my tools, nor boat).  The guy who owned the house before us was building an airplane in this shop.
  Northwest View , Southeast View, and Northeast view

   After we moved in:                                                                                                                                                                         
  South wall.  You can see a cubby-hole wall unit that was here when I moved in and a cheap kitchen cabinet that I brought with me when I moved in.  The cabinet holds router bits and router supplies.  You can also see the stud walls and my use of the open studs for storage.  Also visible are elements of the dust collection system, using 4" spiral plastic pipe.

South and southeast view
Southeast wall and Northwest view (garage door visible behind rolling workbench.  You can see the kitchen cabinets that were used for storage.  I am not complaining about having them, but they were not efficient.
After Modifications

Southwest and southeast wall.  Note the change from the previous pictures.  Note also the dust collection change to metal pipe.  Going to 5" pipe has greatly increased DC performance.


  This is what the northwest wall looks like now with the air conditioner and patio door and windows installed.  I moved some of the kitchen cabinets over the plywood storage area visible behing the table saw and have stored some things under the outfeed table.  To the far left, you see the patio door, air conditioner, one of the base kitchen cabinets from above moved, and a plywood off-cut rolling storage unit under the center of the upper cabinets.

  Northeast side of the shop.   The compound miter saw and a floor sweep are on this end of the building.  The dust collector and cyclone are at the far right.

  Southeast side of the shop.  The shaper, a floor sweep and the tool cabinet are located here.  Note the improvement in space utilization without the kitchen cabinets that were there before.  More organization is in progress. You can also see that I have the center portion of the shop ceiling to insulate and cover.  The center portion will follow the roof trusses in order to provide more vertical clearance.

Southwest side of shop.  This corner of the shop used to be dark, dreary and cluttered.  The addition of the wallboard and installation of the clamp racks has made orders of magnitude difference in how this corner can be used.  The pipe clamps leaning against the parts bin are there temporarily because they have been extended to permit use in assembly of the workbench storage drawer cases.  They are normally hanging in the clamp rack.

Central tool area.  I put in this post to bring electrical service to the jointer and planer.  The tools are arranged in this quad such that they do not interfere with one another and provide a convenient dust collection and electrical service point.  The planer, jointer, bandsaw and drill press all share this common area.

The wood rack is on the west wall.  The top of the rack is divided into a number of storage compartments for off-cuts.  When the off-cuts get too short they go in the various buckets you see along the southwest wall. 

    The final element of the shop reconfiguration project was the insulation and covering of the center section of ceiling.  I decided to take advantage of the truss centers to make "vaulted" ceiling to permit some storage in the rafters and also to permit swinging longer stock if needed.

                                              Looking North                                                                                       Looking South


  Here are a few pictures of the views from the windows.


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