Simple Desk


      What to do with a sink cutout?  After the kitchen project, there was a reasonably substantial piece of laminated countertop left.  If offended my sensibilities to just throw it away, so it sat in the shop for a couple of years while I worked on other
projects and contemplated what to do with it.  While I didn't just want to throw it away, it also wasn't something that was going to inspire a massively complex project.  My first thoughts were to build a simple table, and I sketched one out in VariCAD and rendered it with Blender:

Prototype Table Design

  The idea was to come up with something quick, relatively inexpensive, and that would also go together quickly.  Since this wasn't a piece of furniture we needed, the thought was to possibly sell it at some future date, so I didn't want a large investment of either time or material in it.
Evolution to Desk
    As time passed, it became clear that we needed to provide a desk for our son's room.  The room is relatively small and there is not much room for a large desk.  The table design above was adapted, changing the height, adding a pencil drawer around the top rail, and removing the front rail.  Those modifications rendered as shown below:

   The final product turned out as shown below:

Completed Desk

    Wood is cherry, finish is Moser's Danish Oil with Watco Wipe-on Poly.  Drawer is a small, dovetailed pencil drawer


In place:

Progress Log
  Time:  64 Hours.  That included some rework time for having to make a second set of rails due to a mis-calculation on dimensions.

Last Update 12/22/2009  mkl