Hard Maple Tool Cabinet

    The following cabinet was a modificcation of the cabinet shown in ShopNotes Volume 4, #22.  Instead of plywood, I used solid maple as an experiment.  It's hard maple with a 3/8" paraply back and Merabau trim.  It was finished with 5 coats of blond shellac over Early American Maple waterbase analine dye. The dye did pop the figure, but also raised the grain of the wood.  The picture shown has the tool cabinet in place in my shop when we lived in Texas.  During the various seasonal and humidity changes, the doors would bow and then return to flat. This project was completed in 1997 and continued to maintain this seasonal movement until we moved from Texas to Arizona in 1999.  After our move to Arizona, after being stored for 1 month prior to moving into our house, upon being removed from the moving truck, the cabinet doors had already developed a split down the center of each door.  I later took the cabinet doors off, ripped and re-glued the doors, then used walnut breadboard at the ends. 
Last Updated: 03/05/04  mkl