This workbench was initially built to serve as both workbench and woodstorage in my 16 x 20 Texas shop.  The bench is 10 feet wide by 30 inches deep.  After moving to Arizona, I now have enough room to have a wood rack so the shelves have been used for other storage.  I built drawer units for the workbench, installing top and bottom drawer units for storage.  The first picture shows the bench without the top, the second picture shows the bench with tops from Grizzly.  The top I was laminating was used on my rolling workbench shown elsewhere. The third picture shows a better shot of the vise end.

   Top drawer units for the workbench.  Carcase is of shop-grade maple plywood, face frames and drawer faces are soft maple, drawer interiors are poplar with birch plywood bottoms.  The top unit is shaped to keep the bench dog holes accessible from underneath the bench in front, and the top cross-beam rail accessible for clamping use in back.  I used bail pulls in front and knobs in back.

Prior to installation and attaching knobs and handles
             Front View

   Back view

  Top units installed, front and back Views

Units completed with knobs and bail pulls attached
Front View

Back view showing recessed top drawers to permit using workbench rail as a clamp base

Front side angles

The following pictures show the front drawers open.  The center lower drawers are full-height in order to provide room for tall tools and other items like glue bottles.  The drawers are not quite tall enough to hold a 1 gallon glue bottle, but they do hold the smaller bottles.

 The following shows one set of the back drawers open.  These are shallow drawers that are ideal for storing screwdrivers, pliers, and other hand tools.

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